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Free Bitesized Puppy Training from Di Martin

Join renowned dog trainer and Crufts Obedience Champion, Di Martin for daily, free, fun and effective puppy training sessions this February. Each of our 15-minute videos will cover a key skill for raising your puppy with confidence.


Join us daily from 1st February 2022 in the Facebook Group "Raising Your Puppy With Confidence" for 15-minute bitesized training sessions to ensure you're on the road to a healthy, happy, confident and well-behaved puppy!

Take pride as your puppy learns the behaviours you want, in a way both of you will enjoy.

Each day we'll release a new 15-minute training video. Here's what we'll cover:

1 - Food Circuits - Your puppy's primary method of learning

2 - Communicating so your puppy understands (or, 101 thing to do with a cardboard box!)

3 - The importance of sleep patterns

4 - Building confidence and socialising your puppy

5 - Key dog handling techniques you'll be glad you know

6 - Learning to play - cue seeking and introducing new equipment

7 - Simple movements to get the response you want

8 - Recall and attention - making sure you get both right early on

9 - Kitchen manners!

10 - Sit, Down, Stand, Stay!

11 - Toy play and building a bond

12 - Walking nicely on the lead, and collar work

13 - Your questions answered! Live Q&A with Di Martin


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