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Online Competition Heelwork Course by Crufts Obedience Champion, Di Martin

As a key discipline in Competitive Obedience, IGP, Working Trials and FCI, competition heelwork is an art to teach well - a combination of getting the right energy, precision and balance. 

Di Martin’s new Online Competition Heelwork Course takes an innovative approach to those important foundations. Suitable for people across all levels from complete beginners to experienced handlers who simply want to modernise their training.   

Full Competition Heelwork Course - Instant Access

Own the 5-hour course for just £125.

Highlighting Di’s passion for heelwork, the course is a step-by-step guide to early basic training. It outlines the essential building blocks that will help people progress in their chosen sport by developing the solid yet stylish competition heelwork that has taken Di and her own dogs to the very top of their game. 

The five-hour course is split into three sections:

1. Motivation

Dog Training starts with your relationship and your dog’s desire to work with you and have fun together. Getting the right energy level is so important for competitive sports. You want the drive but also need the precision.

2. Precision and Duration 

Having solid foundations and a firm understanding of the criteria sets you up for success.

3. Movement and Balance

Muscular balance is essential for peak performance.

Di’s unique approach to heelwork foundations ensures happy, enthusiastic dogs that are able to perform precise moves and exercises with control, attitude and flair.


About Di Martin

Di has been training and working her own dogs in Competitive Obedience for over 30 years. As a Crufts Competitive Obedience Champion (2011) and Championship judge, she is often invited to be a guest instructor at training seminars in the UK and across Europe.

Full Competition Heelwork Course - Instant Access

Own the 5-hour course for just £125.

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