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Online Puppy Training Course by Top Trainer and Crufts Obedience Champion, Di Martin

Di is passionate about helping dog owners build a relationship based on trust and understanding. She will help you put best practices into place from the outset. Gaining knowledge on body language so you can think dog, and read your dog, ensuring your responses to everyday situations is building strong foundations for your future relationship.

Although targeted at puppies this course is the fundamentals of dog training so applies to everyone wanting to get it right. Di will show you how to engage, motivate and build confidence using fun and effective methods.

More Than 10 Hours of Videos to Watch and Enjoy

Give your Puppy the Best Start in Life

Comprehensive Puppy Training Course - Instant Access

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This comprehensive course is split into four sections:

1. Prior to getting a puppy - 53 mins

  • Choosing the right breed for your time, lifestyle and finances and finding a good breeder.
  • Questions to ask the breeder.
  • Preparations for puppy's arrival.
  • Equipment to purchase.
  • How to travel puppy home.

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2. First steps - 1 hour, 44 mins

  •  Understanding puppy's primary method of learning, using this to establish some effective tools and understanding what patterns to put in place from the outset.
  • Understanding emotions and the impact this has on behaviour.
  • Reading Body Language in training, environmental situations and everyday life.
  • Various options for creating a safe place and toilet training.
  • Health check preparations at home, what the vet will be looking for and vaccination information.

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3. Life skills - 2 hours, 38 mins

  •  Managing play biting.
  • Exercises to teach children.
  • How to handle excessive play biting.
  • Station training - using locations to re-direct puppy or using environmental cues such as eating dinner to mean go to a place.
  • Games and activities to develop confidence with novelty and sounds.
  • Avoiding guarding - including how to make your puppy feel safe around food.
  • Various methods for getting puppy away from objects or to drop objects without puppy knowing.
  • Management around furniture.
  • Daily management of food, training, sleep and exercise.
  • Early socialisation prior to vaccinations.
  • Managing two dogs.

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4. Foundation training - 5 hours, 8 mins

  • Understanding the training process and implementing a consistent method of communication.
  • Extensive handling exercises and how to introduce equipment.
  • Early preparation for separation.
  • Managing jumping up and handling visitors to the home.
  • How to get focus and the step by step process for successful recalls, early lead work, sit, stand and down.
  • Safety position, hand targets and their uses on early walks.
  • Simple movements, duration behaviours and play behaviours with you and with other dogs.
  • Finally, what your early walks might look like and how to use various tools and techniques you have been taught.

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Comprehensive Puppy Training Course - Instant Access

Own the full course for just £124. Or buy an individual Module>>>

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