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Click 2 Heel Working with Your Vet - Raising Your Puppy With Confidence

Puppies are like sponges, and they start learning from the minute they leave the breeder, both the good and the bad! This page has been created to help you, as a new owner, prepare in advance for puppy’s arrival. It provides you with the tools and techniques to implement a training program from the outset so you can avoid those common mistakes, such as reinforcing undesirable behaviours (jumping up, barking, nipping, chewing and resource guarding) or mishandling which can quickly lead to defensive mouthing as puppy tries to communicate their uneasiness. We want you to get it right from the start and develop a relationship with your dog based on trust and understanding.

Online Training Resources

The comprehensive free puppy starter kit, courses, guides, videos and follow-up emails accessed from here will help you understand how your puppy thinks, feels and learns. Classes normally begin after vaccinations at 11-12 weeks and your puppy is in a key socialisation window which is a critical stage in every dog’s development which you can never revisit. These resources have been specially designed to support you from the very early stages, even before puppy comes home, through to 12 weeks of age when the socialisation window tapers to an end.

Even if you have owned dogs all your life we encourage you to update your knowledge so that you can raise your puppy with confidence.

For the best possible results, we recommend that the material is used in conjunction with regular training classes and/or 1-2-1 tuition instructed by a reputable, positive dog trainer.

FREE PUPPY STARTER KIT (avoid common mistakes, Full toilet training guide, puppy-proofing your house, positive patterns to get in place from the outset, equipment list, follow up emails)

ACCESS TO THE ONLINE PUPPY TRAINING COURSE (a comprehensive 10hr guide made up of short videos for all the family to watch, printable PDFs. Lifetime access)

Online Puppy Hints and Tips Zoom Sessions

Di Martin has teamed up with Medivet to bring you free puppy hints and tips sessions via Zoom.  The sessions are held fortnightly on Tuesday evenings at 8pm. Forthcoming days are:

  • Tuesday 10 May 2022 - 8pm

  • Tuesday 24th May 2022 - 8pm

  • Tuesday 7th June 2022 - 8pm

  • Tuesday 21st June 2022 - 8pm

There is no need to book a place, just hop on to Zoom on your chosen date. Access the Zoom link using the button below.

Preparing your Puppy for Successful Vet Visits

Ensuring your dog is calm, confident and trusting when being handled by you or your vet is transformative for their well-being.

Visits to the vet are an inevitable part of every dog’s life. It may be for annual vaccinations, for common ailments such as wounded paws and ear infections, or long-term medical conditions and blood tests.

Whatever the purpose of the visit, the outcome is always better if your dog is calm, confident and trusting about being examined and handled. Your dog will be under less stress, the vet will be able to examine your dog more easily to improve diagnosis, and it will be easier for you or the vet to administer medications. All of this will lead to a faster recovery.

Follow these simple training solutions to build trust in handling and set your dog up for success when faced with a vet visit.

Weighing on the Scales

How to get your dog onto the Veterinary Scales

Click the symbol on each video to enlarge

Giving Medication

Preparation training for giving your puppy medicine

Early Restraint Training

Getting your puppy used to being restrained is an important process to go through prior to allowing strangers e.g., vets, groomers to do this

Claw Clipping

How to get your young dog prepared for Claw Clipping

Early Handling

Early Handling for Veterinary Preparation

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