Trust and Handling 3 - Introducing Equipment

How much paraphernalia do you have for your dog? It’s amazing how it builds up isn’t it? Collars, harnesses, leads, long lines, raincoats, fleeces, plus maybe a muzzle or a surgical suit or a post-surgery collar. In Part 3 of our trust and handling series we delve into the world of dog equipment and how to introduce it to your dog.
It’s surprisingly common for dogs to become nervous of some of their belongings, particularly harnesses. Maybe the item accidentally caused discomfort when it was first introduced, or maybe the sound of the clips being closed for the first time scared your dog, or maybe the dog didn’t like being held still while the item was put on, or it might be that the dog associates the item with something else they don’t enjoy (like walking in busy places or getting into the car). Cracking the challenge of introducing equipment in a way that allows your dog to trust you will save all those pre-walk or post-walk battles and ensure there’s no additional stress if they need to wear medical garments post-surgery. Slowly building positive and calm associations with all new equipment from the start is the key to success.

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If you’d like to get started with building trust in handling, an excellent resource is our Early Foundations Online Course includes 5 hours of essential training techniques. Or check out Di's Full Online Puppy Training Course

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